BitcoinPlus - XBC V2.7.0 RC2 - Released

Posted on Oct 17, 2018

XBC Load

Bitcoin 2.7.0 Release Candidate 2 is now available to download from the following location.

This release updates chainstate and the RPC getblock call to include PoS specific information. The update to chainstate will require a reindex for all users including those who have already updated to 2.7.0rc1. The reindex for users who have already updated is much quicker than the reindex required from 2.6.0 or before to 2.7.0. No changes after RC2 are expected to require another reindex

New Exchange Listing - FatBTC

Posted on Oct 11, 2018

FatBTC Logo

We are pleased to announce a new partnership for BitcoinPlus with FatBTC Exchange.

Deposits will be open at UTC+8 on 12/10/2018 with Trading Enabled at UTC+8 on 13/10/2018. Market pairing is shown as XBC/BTC.

FatBTC is currently ranked 42nd Largest Exchange in the world based on Adjusted Volume at Coinmarketcap -

FatBTC is based in China and we welcome the Chinese Community to XBC.

Withdrawal limit is 0.05 BTC for Unverified Users. Withdrawal limit can be increased upon verification.

Remember - Exchanges are places to buy and sell, they don’t offer the safest way to store your coins. If you intend to keep XBC for a period of time you should download the official Wallet.

Do your own due diligence...

BitcoinPlus - XBC V2.7.0 RC1 - Released

Posted on Oct 8, 2018

XBC Load
bitcoinplus-2.7.0RC1-win-setup.exe 12.8 MB Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz)

This release is based upon the Bitcoin 0.13 codebase which includes all the latest soft forks, four of which are missing from the 2.6 version of Bitcoin Plus which is based on the Bitcoin 0.7 codebase. This is a major update to the BitcoinPlus client software and network.

Segregated Witness BIP9 Soft Fork Elimination of unwanted transaction malleability Capacity increase Weighting data based on how it affects node performance Signature covers value Linear scaling of sighash operations Increased security for multisig More efficient almost-full-node security Script versioning CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY BIP9 Soft Fork CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY Legacy Soft Fork Faster synchronization Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation Dynamic transaction fee RPC Access...

Pre-release of BitcoinPlus V2.7.0 Client

Posted on Oct 2, 2018

Release Candidate 1 Screenshot

Pre-release of the v2.7.0 client based on the Bitcoin 0.13 codebase . Do not use this release in a production environment, it is purely for testing and will be followed by a Release Candidate.

XBC (Bitcoin Plus) has been ported directly to the Bitcoin 0.13 codebase to allow us to enable SegWit and CSV on the XBC network. This pre-release has Proof-of-Stake block generation implemented and enabled and Secure Messaging via RPC only.

Please note that due to the major changes to block storage on disk that the blockchain has to be reindexed when first run over an already populated data directory from the 2.6 or before client, this process can take several hours so please be patient during this time.

You can download the Windows binary for testing from the following release page. The test release is numbered .


XBC Project Statement - Poloniex Delisting

Posted on Sep 19, 2018

Yesterday the XBC Project learned that our fruitful relationship with Poloniex will soon be coming to an end. Bitcoinplus will be delisted from Poloniex on 25/09/2018. In their correspondance they do not actually provide a reason for the delisting nor will they provide one when asked.

Their previous blog posts make it quite clear that since being taken over by Circle they have been auditing and vetting each and every coin on their platform. This we believe is in conjunction with local regulators at Poloniex Headquarters.

In their previous blog post they provided an insight into what they look at when auditing a coin/token.

And in more detail -

Arguments can be made that XBC falls short in more than one...

Official BitcoinPlus Subreddit Created

Posted on Sep 6, 2018

Reddit Logo

With development going full steam ahead on the Soon to be Released Segwit Enabled BitcoinPlus we are on the verge of releasing a product to the communiuty that we can all be proud off.

With that in mind we have created an official BitcoinPlus Subreddit where you can keep up to date with the latest news and views of the XBC Team and the Community.

Join us at -

BitcoinPlus - XBC Data Files

Posted on Sep 9, 2017


The current BitcoinPlus wallet requires the entire BitcoinPlus blockchain to be downloaded to your computer. This allows your computer to mine rewards using Proof of Stake. The current size of the BitcoinPlus blockchain is around 500 MB. The BitcoinPlus wallet downloads the blockchain from other open BitcoinPlus Wallets. This initial downloading and syncing of the blockchain can take several hours. Once downloaded, each subsequent opening of your BitcoinPlus Wallet will only require the part of the blockchain created since you last closed your wallet to be downloaded.

You can send and receive BitcoinPlus to your wallet before the entire blockchain is downloaded however it will not show up until your BitcoinPlus Wallet is synced.

Occasionally during the blockchain syncing process errors can occur. Sometimes the blockchain database can become corrupt. Especially if the...