Segwit Background

The XBC Project are pleased to announce an additional Freelance Developer to the Team. 

Highly regarded Peter Bushnell has agreed to work with the XBC Project. 

Peter is mostly known as the original developer for Feathercoin. He has also been involved in the launch of many other coins.

Peter has been tasked with completely overhauling the XBC Code base bringing it up to date with Bitcoin Core and adding Segwit to XBC. 

As far as we are aware this would make XBC only the second Proof Of Stake Coin to introduce Segwit. (Second to Nav Coin). 

Although BitcoinPlus does not have any scalability issues, the XBC Project feel it is important that BitcoinPlus remains cutting edge. Segwit opens the doors to other code enhancements such at The Lightning Network (Instant Transactions). 

Peter has presented the XBC Project with an in depth plan that breaks the introduction of Segwit into smaller parts so that it can esaily be managed. He will be working from the XBC Github so that the community will be able to follow him as updates the code. 

Jun 28, 2017 By xbcadmin