Release Candidate 1 Screenshot

Pre-release of the v2.7.0 client based on the Bitcoin 0.13 codebase. Do not use this release in a production environment, it is purely for testing and will be followed by a Release Candidate.

XBC (Bitcoin Plus) has been ported directly to the Bitcoin 0.13 codebase to allow us to enable SegWit and CSV on the XBC network. This pre-release has Proof-of-Stake block generation implemented and enabled and Secure Messaging via RPC only.

Please note that due to the major changes to block storage on disk that the blockchain has to be reindexed when first run over an already populated data directory from the 2.6 or before client, this process can take several hours so please be patient during this time.

You can download the Windows binary for testing from the following release page. The test release is numbered

To download core review source code use the link below, note that the 2.7.0 source code is on the master-2.7 branch.

Please port questions or feedback from testing the client to the new Telegram group or on this Reddit post.

Telegram -

Oct 2, 2018 By xbcadmin