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In order to start using your new wallets messaging over heightened security features you will need to create a public key. 

Open your wallet and go to  Help>Debug>Console

In the box enter the following command:  smsgscanchain  and wait until wallet returns the response: Scan Chain Completed   

Then enter: smsggetpubkey "your receiving XBC address"      

Example if your address is : BLo8EAZzVsnGnvrb4i1GnHVv1bSMRemejp then the command would be 

smsggetpublickey BLo8EAZzVsnGnvrb4i1GnHVv1bSMRemejp 

A compressed public key will now be active on the network for this address and now you are ready for P2P messaging over the XBC network.

Oct 17, 2016 By xbcadmin